Thank you to my customers.. from Michelle Studios, Raleigh children’s photography.

A huge thank you to my customers is in order.  As a now Raleigh photographer, having relocated from my long time Holly Springs studio,  I have worked hard for to rebuild my business that took a bit of a hit when I was sick. I want to say I am honored and appreciative of the commitment that many have had to my studio through the ups and downs and stuck in there with me.  I am so happy to say that business is good now and it would not be without you all.  I am honored as well as thrilled to have been recognized in so many nice ways in the community lately.  I was asked to hang my portraits in a local fine dining establishment, The Chef’s Palette which was an honor and  lot of fun.  I was published twice this year by Inspire Fine Art Magazine with these two images and I just about jumped up and down when notified of publication.  


Award winning and published image in Raleigh NC  Thank you Vanessa for being such an amazing customer.

children and animal portraits
Award winning and published photograph in Raleigh NC  Thank you Caitlyn and Betty for being fantastic customers and for working hard with me Caitlyn, to get these shots.

The excitement this year continued for me when I was recognized by Expertise, a shopping guide for triangle area families, as one of the top newborn photographers in the Raleigh and surrounding areas.

Best Raleigh newborn photographer

I could not have done this without you guys.  My heartfelt thank you is here for you, along with a big smile on my face.  I love my job.  This is why I do it…

When I hear the words from Ed Sheeran “We keep this love in a photograph, we make these memories for ourselves,” I know why I want to document memories for clients and for myself. I am so thankful to have my own portraits of my family.  Sometimes our families include animals.

child photographer in Raleigh NC

And well of course to support myself and my wonderful family.  Thank you to my two beautiful children that have always been helpful knowing I work long hours.  Having my daughter Taylor help me with children and horse sessions has been the best. I get to do what I love to do and also be with my best girl. She was actually in the shot below, walking the horse,  and with the magic of Photoshop she disappeared into the leaves.

Children's photographer in the Triangle area

 I have been a photographer in the Raleigh and Triangle for over a decade.  My photography mostly focuses on children as I have never worked a day in my life that children were not part of that day.  I worked in mental health and in schools before becoming a photographer.  I also ran an equine 4H program when I stepped out of a classroom. Working with the children and horses was very exciting. I even gave photography lessons to a few of my students and they won ribbons at the 4H show with their photographs.  First place of course…  I believe nothing is more beautiful or fun to photograph than a child.  I specialize in the art of newborn photography and I love it.

The newborn images are so sweet. Oh how I wish I had images like this of my own children to hang on the wall. The newborn sessions are really a once in a lifetime session. I am so happy that the studio is filling up with new babies.

Thank you Thank you Thank you ALL!

Thank you to Marti Leone for getting the cutest pony in town for me to photograph with small children. I just love Lightning and so do the children.

Thank you Tara Needham for working with me so many times. I love all of your babies from Stampede of Love