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Valentines Day Boudoir

Hey ladies. Are you looking for a special gift for your guy?  Have you ever wanted to have some boudoir photos taken for the special man in your life?  Have you ever wanted to have some taken just for you?  I am now offering boudoir sessions to clients and a great time to start is right before Valentines Day. I’m super excited about it and the sessions are going to be so much fun.  I know I have some moms out there that would just love it. Gentleman, if you are looking for a nice gift for your lady for Valentine’s Day this may be just the right gift for her.

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 Although I have been a children’s photographer  since 2004 and always will be primarily a children’s photographer, I will be adding some adult sessions to what is offered in my studio.

I have been following two wonderful fashion photographers for about 10 years. They are Craig Lamere and Sue Bryce. Both of these wonderful artists offer very tasteful, fashion oriented boudoir sessions to their clients. After ten years of looking at their work I have decided to add the service to my studio as well. I hope that some of the mommy’s of my tiny clients want to come in and focus on themselves for a session.

I have constructed some interesting back drops called V-Flats.  They look like the corner of a wall.  This gives some additional options for posing. Leaning on a wall is a very comfortable and attractive pose for you ladies. I currently have one in rose, one in olive green and one in white.    My studio is super  private so you should feel very comfortable.   If you are interested in booking a shoot and having your photos ready in time for Valentines Day give me a call or email me through my contact page HERE.  Make sure to include your phone number. My mini session is perfect for a boudoir session. That gives us 45 minute of studio time. I shoot and then edit and present the best ten images to you, of which you choose 7.

The type of boudior sessions I think I would like to do are fashion style boudoir. I love the look of a soft sweater draped low off the shoulders or a kimono covering lingerie.   I do not have a bed in the studio but if you would like a session in the privacy of your home I can bring a simple light set up to your house.

 Here are some helpful tips to get you ready for your shoot:

  1. A bra should fit properly to best show your lovely shape in your photos.  You want to avoid pinching of skin, bulging around a too tight strap or a strap that rises leaving red marks on your skin.  It’s also important that the cup size be accurate so that there is no cap between your body and the bra. Most of these issues can be taken care of by getting a custom fitting or putting it on and looking at yourself in a mirror, all angles.

  2. The same rule applies if you wear thigh high stockings, make sure they fit around the thigh, you do not want them so tight that you are getting unnecessary pinching or bulging of skin.

  3. Dress in loose clothing on your way to the session so that you will not have red clothing lines from jeans, socks etc…

  4. Make sure nails are freshly painted.

  5. Drink plenty of water the week prior to your session.  Being really hydrated reduces tummy bulge, makes skin and hair look great and makes lips look soft and plump.

  6. If you manicure your eye brows it’s best to do it a couple of days in advance to avoid any redness or swelling in the area. Check the eyebrows a few days in advance and see if they need to be manicured.

  7. Fake tanning should NOT be done prior to a session. If you go to a tanning bed you want to make sure you do NOT have tan lines or burns.

  8. A large/long sweater pulled down low on the shoulders is a super cute shot and great if you are shy.  I also have a mink and a fox coat for a similar look.

  9. A kimono over lingerie is another great way to showcase your body.

  10. I always think ladies look nice in jeans, rip them up and fray them and get a great bra to match. 🙂

  11. Don’t wait until the day of your shoot to try on your outfits. 🙂 Lovely model is Bianncah, congratulations on your upcoming wedding.  I am so happy for you and William.
    boudior photography in Raleighboudoir photography in Raleigh

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Raleigh boudoir photographerRaleigh boudoir photographer