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What’s new for 2018 with Michelle Studios Photography in Raleigh NC

 I am so excited to say that I started off 2018 with another publication in Inspire Fine Art Photography magazine. The photo is of baby Clara who is just gorgeous. What a nice surprise.

award winning photography
published January 2018

I am grateful and so pleased to also be listed again in the triangle shopping guide, Expertise, as one of the top newborn photographers in our area. I am very proud because there are many good photographers here in the triangle area.

best raleigh newborn photographerAlthough I have always been primarily a children’s photographer I am going to be branching into photographing adults some, specifically ladies.  I have been following Sue Bryce and Craig Lamere for over 10 years each and love looking at their images. I have always been very inspired by those two artists so I am going to start offering very tasteful boudior sessions this year for Valentines day.  They will be lots of fun.  Most shots will be on Vflat back drops which I am in the process of making.  It’s been a long time coming as I have been thinking about this for years.  The VFlat back drops are interesting because they give the appearance of a wall and allow for standing poses leaning on a wall of sorts.  I bought two sets to start and am working on them now.  One will be an olive color and the other a rose.  There will be more images of the under construction project here at the end of the post. I will also show some images that I am taking over the weekend.

boudior photos in raleigh


As many of you know I offer unicorn photo shoots with my sweet little Lola from Stampede of Love.  I am looking forward to booking with you all this year and your sweet little girls. I have quite a collection of Dollcake dresses now for your children to wear during the photo shoot.  My dresses start at size 3 and go up to size 12.  I wear a size 5 juniors and the size 12 fits me.  smile.

Raleigh NC Children's photographer

children and animals portraits

This year I am going to be adding Titan pictured here for my older clients.  When you book with me we can discuss if your daughter is old enough to be photographed with Titan.

Raleigh unicorn portraits


If your daughters would like to be a princess for the day I will be offering princess sessions again this year.  Dollcake dresses and beautiful crowns make the girls all smile and the images are so sweet.

Raleigh children's photography

Raleigh children's photography

children's photography in Raleigh

unicorn photography in Raleigh

Raleigh children's photographer

Raleigh children's portraits

Raleigh princess photoshoot

Raleigh children's unicorn photography

child photography in Raleigh NC

Raleigh children's photography

Raleigh children's photography

In 2018 I am really going to amp up my high school senior photo sessions for teens in the Raleigh, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Holly Spring, Garner and surrounding areas.  I finally have the Einstein light that I have been needing to really overpower the sun for some dramatic off camera flash. As soon as it warms up I am breaking it out and looking forward to some very dynamic portraits, just right for high school senior sessions.

Senior portraits in Raleigh NC

Here are some under construction and one finished vflat back drop. I can’t wait to get some ladies on this rose one for Valentines Day. Make sure to send me an email if you are interested in booking.  What a perfect present for the special men in your lives or just for you girls.

valentines day portraits boudior raleigh

boudior photos in raleigh

 And Easter is early this year, don’t forget to book your bunny sessions…


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Happy 2018 everyone.

Raleigh Princesses: Raleigh children’s photographer

Being a Raleigh children’s photographer gives me the advantage of being easily reached by clients from Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Fuquay Varina, Garner, Apex, Clayton and Holly Springs.I have been serving the Triangle area as a fine art children’s photographer since 2004, so you are in good hands.  My princesses are coming from all of those directions and it’s been quite a hit.  The sessions are upbeat and lots of fun for your child, the images are beautiful for parents and family members, great Christmas gifts for grandparents too.   I am building a collection of beautiful dresses, most from a company called Dollcake.  They have THE most beautiful dresses I have ever seen.  I also found so many gorgeous crowns and tiaras that just add to the children’s excitement with these sessions.  I do princess sessions are part of my Magical Mini’s once each month but also schedule regular non mini sessions where your daughter can add a princess portrait to your normal updated portraits.  Tell your friends about these sessions because what little girl does NOT want to be a princess?

When we do the Magical Mini sessions the horse rental is included in the cost as the barn owner Marti Leone and I are working together with these sessions.  If you choose to add a pony or mini horse to your regular session with me there is a small fee of $40 that goes to either Marti or Tara Needham for use of the ponies.  This fee covers having a handler and preparing the ponies for a photo shoot.  The ponies just love the extra attention.   Although it looks like the young children are alone with the ponies they are not. I have a handler holding the ponies on a lead line and I photoshop the lead line out of the image.  If you want images of your beautiful daughters that look like this, send me an email today.  It’s getting cold but we still have a few weeks where we can shoot in the late afternoons and be warm enough for the girls to wear my beautiful dresses.

Raleigh children's photographer

princess photo sessions Raleigh NC

Raleigh child photography

Princess photos in Raleigh

children's photographer in Raleigh NC

children's photography Raleigh NC

children's photography Raleigh

children's photography in Raleigh NC

children's photography Raleigh unicorn


Most of these princess portraits are taken at Carriage Farm but I do take my princess outfits with me on location for clients booking regular sessions.

Princess photo shoots

Princess photo shoot in Raleigh NC Pullen Park

Raleigh princess portraits

raleigh photography

Raleigh child photography

Raleigh child photography

raleigh princess photos

Raleigh princess pictures

princess photography in Raleigh NC

Raleigh princess party

Princess portraits in Raleigh NC
Raleigh child photography

Raleigh children's photographer

Raleigh princess portraits

This image was taken at the Manor at Carriage Farm, beautiful location and perfect for any princess. It’s also an amazing location if you are planning a wedding.

raleigh princess photos


Raleigh princess portraits


Raleigh child photography


Raleigh child photography


Many of these lovely little princesses take riding lessons at Carriage Farm in Raleigh NC.  There is no better place for your daughters or sons to learn to ride. We have so many nice families and the barn is loaded with children learning to be caring, responsible, accountable, brave.  Most of all they are having fun in a healthy environment.  Click the link to take you to the barn owner Marti Leone who can give you more information about riding here at Carriage Farm. 5g0x9688-16x24-fav


raleigh child photography


Raleigh child photography

Raleigh princess sessions

Raleigh child photography

It’s not too late to book your Princess Session with Michelle Studios.  In fact when it gets cold I can still bring mini horses into the studio.  Yes, he is in my studio. At Michelle Studios, here in my Raleigh studio,  we do things a little different…..

Raleigh horse photos

Raleigh children's photography

And if you are looking for very unique Christmas photos  or Holiday portraits these little guys are available.  A Raleigh children’s photographer that does things a little different than your average photographer.

Horse portraits Raleigh NC

My Fairy gardens are just the right place for your toddler and a sweet mini horse.

Raleigh child photography

email me today because I am getting really busy and I want you to have a spot…





Simone: Raleigh children’s photographer

We took Simone to Duke Gardens for her three year old portraits. Her mom loves outdoor photography and we had done her last few sessions at my studio.  She always has the cutest outfits to wear that her mom buys on Etsy.  Several of them have been re-homed to my studio. Haha.  We had lots of fun looking for nice places to shoot and there are so many of them at Duke Garden’s.  We went super early in the morning so that most of those areas would still be in the shade.  When they got in their car to leave Simone said, “that was fun, can we do it again?”  I am sure that made mom smile because she loves portraits of her pretty girls.

I just love photographing children, my business has always centered around newborns and children, all the way up to seniors in high school.  It’s so much fun to watch them grow. Simone was a newborn when we started our journey. Now she is old enough to know me and it makes for a nice experience for the child as well. I, of course, love watching them grow from session to session.

Children's photography at Duke Gardens

Raleigh children's photography

Children's photography Raleigh NC

Children's photographer Raleigh NC

Raleigh Photographer, Beach Portraits

I had such a nice vacation at Surf City. I love beach portraits and had fun with a few customers and my beautiful daughter Taylor.  Whenever I can I also love to update portraits of my children.  I will have to work on my handsome son who was not interested in posing this year.

The weather was almost  perfect for the entire ten days that we were there.  I will be posting more from this week on a later blog post but wanted to throw some of my favorites out there for everyone to see.  This is Taylor, my daughter.  We were shooting sound side and it was a bit cloudy. It was just about to give us the few drops of rain we had while we were there.

portrait of girl at topsail beach, beach portraits
Beach Portraits of Taylor

I just love the stormy look of the image.  We both love big floppy hats and she is so pretty in this one. Her eyes are just amazing and I never get tired of photographing my favorite girl in the world.

This is Mia. Her mommy Maria and her daddy Mike brought her down for beach portraits.  Before we went to the beach we took a walk around our sound side neighborhood. Pirates Cove is so nice.  It has the lovely maritime trees that are bent from the wind off the coast. It’s just beautiful. Mia was so excited to examine every hole in the trees to see if there was an animal living in there.

young girl at topsail beach, beach portraits
Raleigh Children’s Photographer

Another thing we found in our travels around Pirates Cove neighborhood were some dandelions.  I just love this image of Mia.

portrait of a child and dandelion
Beach portraits of Mia

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how something easy to us is not as easy to a little child.  Mia was blowing with all her might. She released ONE tiny seed.  Check out those cheeks.  Are they not adorable?

portrait of small child blowing a dandelion, beach portraits
Motivated Mia

I also had a blast with another beautiful young lady.  She and Taylor had so much fun fixing themselves up for portraits.  These two images are sound side and sunset, what a great time for beautiful color in an image. I am also in love with the movement in her hair and the beautiful background courtesy of my favorite portrait lens.

5G0X8252 16x24 fav


And again the cute floppy hat is your friend for beach portraits because it controls hair in the eyes. She is so cute in this hat.
Photograph of a young lady at Topsail Beach

Mia has such a lovely family.  Her mommy is my friend which made it even more fun.

family taking beach portraits
Mia, Mike and Maria

Although Mia was not loving the wind on the beach she was comfortable and secure with her daddy. What a great dad Mike is.  It was fun to watch them together.  I have spend time photographing my beautiful friend Maria and Mia in the past but this was the first time that I was able to see Mike in action.

family beach portrait, dad and daughter 5G0X8171 16x24 fav

And I will end this blog post with another lovely portrait of my daughter Taylor.

girl at the beach doing beach portraits
Taylor at Topsail Beach