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What’s new for 2018 with Michelle Studios Photography in Raleigh NC

 I am so excited to say that I started off 2018 with another publication in Inspire Fine Art Photography magazine. The photo is of baby Clara who is just gorgeous. What a nice surprise.

award winning photography
published January 2018

I am grateful and so pleased to also be listed again in the triangle shopping guide, Expertise, as one of the top newborn photographers in our area. I am very proud because there are many good photographers here in the triangle area.

best raleigh newborn photographerAlthough I have always been primarily a children’s photographer I am going to be branching into photographing adults some, specifically ladies.  I have been following Sue Bryce and Craig Lamere for over 10 years each and love looking at their images. I have always been very inspired by those two artists so I am going to start offering very tasteful boudior sessions this year for Valentines day.  They will be lots of fun.  Most shots will be on Vflat back drops which I am in the process of making.  It’s been a long time coming as I have been thinking about this for years.  The VFlat back drops are interesting because they give the appearance of a wall and allow for standing poses leaning on a wall of sorts.  I bought two sets to start and am working on them now.  One will be an olive color and the other a rose.  There will be more images of the under construction project here at the end of the post. I will also show some images that I am taking over the weekend.

boudior photos in raleigh


As many of you know I offer unicorn photo shoots with my sweet little Lola from Stampede of Love.  I am looking forward to booking with you all this year and your sweet little girls. I have quite a collection of Dollcake dresses now for your children to wear during the photo shoot.  My dresses start at size 3 and go up to size 12.  I wear a size 5 juniors and the size 12 fits me.  smile.

Raleigh NC Children's photographer

children and animals portraits

This year I am going to be adding Titan pictured here for my older clients.  When you book with me we can discuss if your daughter is old enough to be photographed with Titan.

Raleigh unicorn portraits


If your daughters would like to be a princess for the day I will be offering princess sessions again this year.  Dollcake dresses and beautiful crowns make the girls all smile and the images are so sweet.

Raleigh children's photography

Raleigh children's photography

children's photography in Raleigh

unicorn photography in Raleigh

Raleigh children's photographer

Raleigh children's portraits

Raleigh princess photoshoot

Raleigh children's unicorn photography

child photography in Raleigh NC

Raleigh children's photography

Raleigh children's photography

In 2018 I am really going to amp up my high school senior photo sessions for teens in the Raleigh, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Holly Spring, Garner and surrounding areas.  I finally have the Einstein light that I have been needing to really overpower the sun for some dramatic off camera flash. As soon as it warms up I am breaking it out and looking forward to some very dynamic portraits, just right for high school senior sessions.

Senior portraits in Raleigh NC

Here are some under construction and one finished vflat back drop. I can’t wait to get some ladies on this rose one for Valentines Day. Make sure to send me an email if you are interested in booking.  What a perfect present for the special men in your lives or just for you girls.

valentines day portraits boudior raleigh

boudior photos in raleigh

 And Easter is early this year, don’t forget to book your bunny sessions…


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Happy 2018 everyone.

Raleigh senior photography

Siana Senior 2017 Michelle Studios Raleigh senior photographer

I’m still a bit behind in blogging but can’t leave out one of my favorite senior photo shoots this year. Being a Raleigh senior photographer is a fantastic job. I just love photographing people during this special time of their lives.  Siana was a photographer’s dream.  She was so confident with the camera, could smile in a flash or throw a nice serious look.  She was easy to get along with and we had fun running around looking for unique places to capture these gorgeous images.  We even took a few minutes out to play in an echo shell.

She packed some really cute outfits, things that she looked nice but also comfortable wearing.  My favorite outfit ended up being just a huge pink and gray scarf she brought that we made into a shirt.  It was so pretty and unique.

highschool senior photography in Raleigh NC

Raleigh senior photographer

Raleigh high school senior photos

high school senior portraits Raleigh

Raleigh senior photographer

high school senior photographerRaleigh senior photographer
Raleigh High School Senior photography

Michelle Studios provides senior portraits for seniors in Raleigh, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Holly Springs, Garner, Clayton and the surrounding areas.

Raleigh high school senior portraits

Taryn: Senior 2017 Raleigh senior photographer

     Taryn and her mom scheduled her high school senior photo session with me and I was super excited and happy to see them.  The first time I photographed Taryn she was about 11 years old.  What a beautiful child she was.  Her images have always been featured on my website.  The second time I photographed her she was about 15 and her family came in for family photos.  We had a great time and again gorgeous photos of Taryn and her beautiful family.  I have to say that her senior photo shoot was my favorite to date.  She has grown in to an absolutely stunning young woman. It’s so nice to have clients that keep coming back to me as the children grow up. I love having that relationship with a family.  I feel that it is easier for the children or young ladies as was the case here, to feel more comfortable with someone they already know.  I was absolutely in love with her portraits.

     She is also as sweet as she can be. We had fun looking for unique locations for her portraits. Yes we also played with the big domes that amplify sound. Ha ha, I am still a kid at heart.   Senior photography is very special as this session is a right of passage for most young ladies.  My specialties are newborns and high school seniors.  As a Raleigh senior photographer I enjoy scouting out cool locations in the area for senior pictures.  The self expressions tunnel at NC State is a really neat place to take photos.  They are always going to look different because the tunnel is always painted differently.  With the right lens you can get some really interesting colors and effects there too.  The lights in the tunnel also add extra dimension and color giving the images a very three dimensional look.  I just love these first two images here and you can see how different they look even though they were both taken in the tunnel.

Raleigh senior photography

Raleigh senior photography

This was my favorite portrait from her senior photo shoot. Her face is just gorgeous. She has amazing bone structure and gorgeous skin and eyes.  I love the bokeh, creamy back ground in this image that really pops her off the page.  Thanks to my very favorite lens….  The colors are just amazing and I tend to prefer low key images.  I will be printing this to hang in my studio.

Raleigh senior photography

I love Taryn’s sweet smile and the roses outline her so nicely.  It all stands out so well against the gorgeous back drop of yellow color.

high school senior photography in Raleigh NC Michelle Studios

You have to have long legs to pull of this pose. Taryn is really tall and I have always felt she would make a magnificent model. I could see her modeling wedding dresses for magazines.

Raleigh high school senior photography

Fall is such a nice time of year to take portraits.  We were able to find just the right colors to make the backgrounds really match the pretty clothes Taryn brought for her senior photo session.

Raleigh high school senior portraits

This portrait is just amazing to me. I could just stare at it.

Raleigh high school senior portraits Michelle Studios Photography

This photograph shows her sassy side.

Raleigh senior photography

I am a very up in the face photographer and I just love the next two images of Taryn.  The very creamy back ground really pops her gorgeous face off the page.

Raleigh senior photography

Raleigh senior photography

Raleigh senior photography

I am so glad you are my customer Taryn, I and my camera just love you. Haha.. I hope you come back when you graduate from college, when you are pregnant with your first child child for maternity photos and of course for newborn images after that.  Good luck in school, I know that you are going to be a huge success as an adult.


Mckenzie: Senior 2017 Raleigh senior photographer

     Mckenzie’s mom called and booked a high school senior session for her beautiful daughter.  Mckenzie wanted to incorporate her horse into her senior portraits so we planned to take the pictures at her barn, Pepperwood, in Fuquay Varina. As a Raleigh senior photographer I have many options of really nice places to take photographs that are all right here.  I was super excited as I have many friends at that barn and have shot out there enough times to know where there are nice places to shoot. The sunsets there are just gorgeous and with the right lens settings you will get the beautiful yellow spots of light behind your subjects. This is what photographers call bokeh but what parents just call a cool looking back ground.

     When we met on that first day at Pepperwood Farm I realized that her mom looked so familiar.  In fact our daughter’s had ridden together many years ago at McNair’s Country Acres in Raleigh NC.  It’s a small world but when you are a “horse person” it’s even smaller.

     On that first day we got a few nice shots and then it started to rain.  We rescheduled for another day in Fuquay Varina and I was so glad that we did because the sunset was magnificent on that second day.  Mckenzie is just gorgeous with long red hair that I just loved.  There is nothing better than gorgeous red hair highlighted by the pretty sunset light. She is really pretty young lady that also sports amazing blue eyes. She is one of those fortunate people in front of a camera that can throw you a very pretty and natural looking smile for over and hour.  We had a fantastic time taking her high school senior photos, she was sweet and easy to work with and we clicked right away.

Here are some of my favorite portraits from Mckenzie’s high school senior photographs.  If you are looking for a Raleigh senior photographer give me a call at 919-637-7985. I would love to help you create memories during this very important time in your life.

Raleigh high school senior photographer

This is the beautiful bokeh that I mentioned above. The gorgeous spots of light caused my using a great lens wide open makes the most interesting background.  Fantastic with her outfit choice and hair color.

high school senior portraits Raleigh NC

And check out that smile. I love my job as a Raleigh senior photographer.


Raleigh high school senior photos with Michelle Studios

This is Mckenzie with her horse Decaf. We had fun laughing at the fact that I could not remember his name when I went back for the second photo shoot. I knew it had something to do with coffee,,,, Cappuccino… Coffee… uuummm…Chocolate… Lattee?????   He was so pretty and probably did not notice my mistake.

Raleigh high school senior photography

Raleigh high school senior photography

high school senior photographs in Raleigh NC

With Mckenzie’s gorgeous hair color it was hard for me to make images black and white but I just loved this unposed shot, she had no idea I was taking it and I love it.

Raleigh high school senior portriats

The light on her pretty red hair is amazing.

Raleigh high school senior portraits

Raleigh, Cary, Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina senior high school pictures

High school senior portraits, Cary, Raleigh, Fuquay Varina, Holly Springs NC

high school senior photography in Raleigh NC

Raleigh high school senior pictures

Raleigh senior photography

And at the end of the photo shoot, when the sun was set we had a few minutes for this shot.  Love the colors and atmosphere.

Raleigh high school senior photography

Thank you for hiring me to take your senior portraits. I had a great time.  Thank you as well Mckenzie for referring me to your friends. I really appreciate that and hope to see you in the future.  Good luck with Cafe… Cappuccino.. oh Decaf…. 😉

senior photos raleigh photographer senior photographer

Raleigh Senior Photographer

Raleigh Senior Photographer

I have been a high school senior photographer in the triangle area for over a decade. I love kids of all ages and teenagers are so much fun to photograph.. Fortunately I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful teenagers that are so excited about their senior portraits. I customize each session especially for that senior.  We will consult before your session.  During the consultation you can tell me about yourself. I want to know what you like to do.  I want to know what you like to wear. I want to know how you see yourself.  And lastly I want to know what you have been thinking about for senior photos.We pick the studio or a place that represents you to take your photographs.   This is the time of year to get yours taken if you missed them for 2016 or if you are just planning for 2017 graduation.  Spring is a fantastic time of year to have those senior portraits taken because the weather is just right. Spring weather gives  you the opportunity to pick from a wide range of your favorite outfits.    My studio is located in Raleigh and I generally recommend having a few studio shots taken first.  Then we go  outdoors to one of the nice locations in the triangle area.  I have several barns where I love to photograph seniors as well as some nice parks if you prefer a more natural setting.  If you like the urban look we can go to downtown Raleigh, downtown Fuquay Varina, Cary or even to the Tobacco district in Durham.  The triangle area provides lots of places to shoot to ensure that your senior images are unique.

senior photos raleigh photographer senior photographer 4 9 12 (2)

I am getting ready to head down to Topsail Beach.  This would be a great place to have your senior photographs taken.  As a Senior photographer in the triangle area I really want your images to be special.  Here is an senior image taken at Atlantic beach a couple of years ago. I just love it.

Raleigh Senior photographer senior photos

check out my Facebook page for other samples of my senior work.  click here

Give me a call at 919-637-7985 or contact me through this website’s contact page if you are interested in having your senior photos taken at the beach this year. I will be there from April 16 through April 25, 2016.  I will not be charging my normal travel fee for out of town sessions because I will already be there. My senior beach sessions are all digital and very affordable. 

I had so much fun photographing my own daughter’s senior photos at the beach.  There is a huge canvas hanging on the wall so that we will always remember that special time in her life.

senior photos Raleigh Beach Topsail