Photograph of a Raleigh baby

Baby Eliana then and now

The infants that came to have their newborn portraits taken in my Raleigh studio this summer are finally sitting up.  This is always the time that I suggest people bring them back for a second photo shoot.  As I mentioned in a prior blog post, which you can see HERE, there are so many good reasons to have a photo shoot at this time and not wait until they are a year old.   Eliana came in yesterday and she is so cute I just can’t stand it.  Like most babies this age she is super chubby because she isn’t old enough to work of the chub yet.   This makes the most adorable pictures for mom and dad. Check out those cheeks people.  Also like most babies that are in this age range Eliana was super friendly and easy to photograph.  Eliana’s parents scheduled a mini session and this was the perfect amount of time for Eliana.  She was so easy and sweet that we were able to get a lot of variety in that amount of time. My mini session is very affordable and a great way for parents to get milestone images of their children.

 As a Raleigh baby photographer I feel it’s important to be ready for my clients.  For me this means that I have several set ups out and available for my clients to look at when they arrive. It also means that I have consulted with my clients so that know what to expect from the session. As an artist I also have a vision for that baby.  My vision for Eliana was a cherub portrait and she was such a cute little angel.  I also had several flower bonnets set out for mom and dad to see.  The purple was my favorite on Eliana but we put several on her because her sweet little chubby cheeks just looked so cute in every single hat.  Her mom brought a couple of outfits that were also super cute. Stay tuned to my Facebook page to see some of those posted later this week.

baby at Michelle Studios

Photograph of a Raleigh baby

Raleigh baby in studio

So that was Eliana now and here are a couple from then. These photographs are from her newborn session this summer.  Eliana, then and now… infant photographer in Raleigh NC


And these are her wonderful parents. I was so happy to meet them and am looking forward to many years of photographing their daughter.  We are already talking about her unicorn photo shoot when she is older.

Raleigh newborn photography

Baby photographer in Raleigh NC

Lydia: Raleigh baby photography

I just love specializing in children’s portrait work and baby photography. Lydia came in with mommy and Mimi to have her nine month portraits taken. I have photographed her sweet cousins and well and was so excited to meet her.  She was just a little doll baby. She actually has that sweet round face of a Gerber baby.  As is most common with babies her age she was super sweet and cheerful. This allowed us to get some cute smiling images as well as some nice images with her just looking at me.  She has the most amazing sparkly eyes and they show so nicely in those more serious images.

We just HAd to photograph her as a baby cherub because she fits the bill.

Baby photography in Raleigh NC

This age, between 7 and 9 months is just the best time to photograph a baby. They are so sweet and the baby weight that they have not been able to run off yet photographs so well.  I just love baby photography.

I could not help but put this great bonnet on her. Wow on that sweet face.

Raleigh baby photographer

And if this is not a Gerber baby face I don’t know what is.

Baby photographer in Raleigh NC

Raleigh baby photographer




Raleigh baby photography

Baby Jaxson: Raleigh newborn photographer

Baby Jaxson came in for his newborn portraits. He was five days old and totally adorable. As a newborn photographer I just love it when the babies come in so young. This was a mini session and because he was so young he slept really well. This allowed us to get many cute images in a short period of time. Mom decided to use my beautiful gardens rather than my newborn studio to photograph her new son Jaxson. I was so excited that she made this choice because I just love to photograph the newborns outside. Of course mom’s feed the babies and we change outfits and set ups in the warmed up newborn studio. His mom, dad and grandpa Don all came in to watch his photo shoot. We all had so much fun looking at him in the cute poses and props. It was fun to get to know so many members of Jaxson’s family and I can tell he is going to be one loved little guy.

I think my favorite shot is the featured image in the circular swing. It is my very favorite newborn prop. It looks just gorgeous hanging in my grapevine. It also looks nice with little boys or little girls. As with every other baby Jaxson did so well outside. Again, as with most of the babies that I photograph outside, he smiled several times. I think they love to hear the soft sounds of nature and the nickers of the horses in the pastures all around my yard. Mom on the other hand was not having fun with any bugs that are in gardens. We all got a few laughs as she spooked a few times.

I have to make sure to look for special props for boys because they are more difficult to find. I just love the images of Jaxson in the Coke wagon. He fit into it just right and looked so cute.

I also just love a little bonnet type hat on a newborn boy. It’s the only time they will wear one I am sure. Their little cheeks look so cute and full in a hat like the one Jaxson has on insome of the shots. Doesn’t he look adorable?

Having specialized in newborn photography for over a decade I am extremely comfortable handling them and posing them. It really is fun for family members to get to watch. Jaxson’s family like many others are so surprised when they see how well a very young baby will do when the session is set up properly and the photographer is experienced with babies. I also know a few tricks and was able to get Mr. Jaxson to take a pacifier. I gave them one as a gift to take home. smile.

Here are some of the sweet portraits from Jaxson’s session. I hope you all enjoy them.

Newborn photography in Raleiigh NC

Oh I could just stare at his cute face in this portrait.  How sweet he slept in the grapevine.

Newborn photography Raleigh NC

Raleigh baby photographer

Newborn photographer in Raleigh outdoor studio

newborn photographer Michelle Studios in Raleigh

His little baby lips match the red wagon. This is so sweet and you can really tell he is on the farm.

newborn photographer in Raleigh NC


I just love this image of baby Jaxson. It looks so artistic.  I want my customers to have artistic portraits to hang on the wall. This would be beautiful printed on a large canvas.  Raleigh baby photography

artistic newborn portraits in Raleigh NC

Doesn’t this shot make you want to hug this sweet baby boy?

newborn photography outside

Jaxson I was happy to meet you. I was excited to meet your mommy, daddy and grandpa too.  You are a doll.

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Raleigh photographer

     As a Raleigh photographer who specializes in children and newborns I love the variety of ages in my subjects.  As much as I love the newborns, babies and small children, teenagers are wonderful to photograph and generally love having their pictures taken.

5G0X1162 16x24

     For the past two years I have been taking pictures of this lovely little lady. She is as sweet on the inside as she is pretty on the outside.  I simply can’t believe that now she is a teenager.  She has grown so much in the past two years. I just noticed a snap shot on her dad’s Facebook page that was dated two years ago and she looked so little. Her hair has also grown a mile in the past year…. Just loving her super long hair in these photographs.

5G0X1251 16x24 fav

      We have done studio portraits and portraits with her horse in the past.  This was our urban session and looking forward to another very soon. Stay tuned to my Facebook page.  As she likes to say there are many aspects of her personality.  She can go from girlie girl in white lace to jeans and skateboard with ease. She loves having her portraits made so she is super easy and lots of fun.

photograph of a teen from a Raleigh photographer 5G0X1219 16x24 5G0X1280 12x8 5G0X1319 16x24

The one below is one of my favorites.  She has such a cute smile.  5G0X1376 16x24 5G0X1422 16x24

     Downtown Fuquay Varina is a great place to get a few different types of backgrounds in your photographs. As a Raleigh photographer it’s a place that is super close to home.  Fuquay Varina has the brick walls that photographers love, as well as some older wood which also photographs well. I have been doing photo shoots in this area for over 12 years. It’s a great place for high school senior photos and conveniently located right across the street from Fuquay High School.   It’s also conveniently located for the majority of my customers who may be coming from Cary, Apex or Holly Springs NC.