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Easter Special – Raleigh

I am so excited to say that it’s time to get on the schedule for Easter portraits.  My Raleigh portrait studio offers sweet Easter bunnies every year and as you all know I just love to photograph children with animals.  A mini session can be scheduled with the bunnies or you can add a bunny to a full session.   We can shoot in the studio or out in the flower gardens.  I will be photographing my bunnies with children from Friday the 9th of March until Sunday the 25th of March with Easter being April 1st this year.  Sessions are booked on a first come first serve basis so send me an email soon if you want to get on the schedule.   Bunnies are shy creatures and do not wish to be handled all day long so I only book 2 sessions a day.  That means weekends get booked up fast.  Here are some recommendations for your Easter sessions so that you get the best images.

  1. Children are more comfortable holding bunnies if they have on long sleeves because they can feel the bunny’s nails.  They can of course sit by the bunnies if a short sleeve dress is your child’s special Easter outfit but bringing another outfit so they can hold the bunny is super cute. A jean jacket on top of a sundress is darling for girls.

  2. Some of the most beautiful bunny portraits I have taken of children are portraits of children wearing comfortable, natural colored and casual clothing.  You can see examples below. Tan, gray, cream and browns are all nice with animals. You don’t want the outfit to be the first thing you see in an image.  My bunny portraits are also very natural in composition, which means I do not set up Easter sets with lots of props.   I want your portraits to be able to be hung in your home year around and for the focus of the portraits to be your child and the animal.

  3. Mini sessions are great for bunny photos but you can also add a bunny to a full session and get some updated images of just your child.

  4. Children will be coached in gentle handing of animals at all times.  Parents will be asked to spot and make sure this happens.

Pricing for bunny sessions is as follows:

  1. Magical Mini Price for 1 child:  $300 for photos with the bunnies only.  You get 30 minutes in the studio and I edit and present 10 images in a gallery of which you pick 7.

  2. Normal mini session price: $350 includes siblings. Again you get 45 minutes in the studio and I edit and present 10 images of which you pick 7.

  3.  You are welcome to add a bunny to a full session. Many clients choose this option as you get 1.5 hours of time allowing images of your child with and without bunnies. I edit and present around 25 images of which you pick 15. Click HERE to see regular pricing.

  4. A deposit is required on the day you book your session in order to hold your spot.  Session spots are limited.

Children's photographer Raleigh NC

Children's photography Raleigh NC

children's portraits Raleigh NC

children's photography in Raleigh

children's photography in Raleigh NC

children's photography Raleigh NC

children's photography Raleigh NC

Children's photographer Raleigh NC

I am so excited to see everyone that comes for Easter portraits every year and am excited to meet some new customers as well.


1.  I do not photograph girls in the Dollcake dresses holding the bunnies because the bunny nails will snag the dresses.

2.  All children in one session must be siblings. Cousins and friends are great to bring along but we will need to book 2 sessions.

3. A deposit is required on the day you book to hold your spot.  Session spots are limited.


BOYS like bunnies too. 🙂  D