Raleigh newborn photography

Raleigh Newborn Photography- fairy gardens

The favorite time of the year for Michelle’s  Raleigh newborn photography studio is right around the corner.  The grooming and planting are underway in the fairy gardens.  What are the fairy gardens you might ask?  They are specially landscaped areas for newborns, toddlers and young children’s portrait work.  Michelle’s studio is located on a beautiful horse farm in Raleigh NC with easy access from most areas in the triangle.  The fences are lined with beautiful pastures and horses on every side.  The gardens feature beautiful flagstone and brick, hosta, ivy, moss and flowers of every variety.  Different types of flowers bloom from early spring all the way through until the winter.  It’s a beautiful place that Michelle designed with her newborn photography in mind.  Her outdoor newborn work is unique in the area and customers travel from out of state to bring their newborns in for a one of a kind photographic experience.  As you can imagine the spring and summer months get very busy so getting on her schedule while you are still pregnant is a great idea.

Give her a call. All photo shoots are customized for the client. Michelle will consult with you about your expectations for your infant’s photo shoot.  She will talk to you about how you and she will pick the perfect time to photograph your new baby.  She will discuss with you the color scheme of the rooms in which you would like to hang portraits of your new baby so that she can have coordinating colors picked out for you in blankets and props.  Michelle has a fully loaded newborn studio so there is no need to shop for any props for your little one.

Michelle has 15 years of experience working professionally and specializing in newborn photography.  She is multiple times published, award winning and listed in Raleigh’s shopping guide, EXPERTISE  as one of the top 21 best newborn photographers in the triangle area.  Michelle is licensed and her studio is insured with Allstate in Cary NC.  She is experienced in handling and posing newborns for a safe experience for your new baby.  Although newborn shoots are time consuming Michelle wants you to know that the sessions are also a lot of fun and something that you should be looking forward to in celebration of the birth of your child.  You can check out this LINK to the Newborn News section of her website to get a good idea of what you should do to prepare your baby for the session and read a bit about what the session will be like. Would you not love to have outdoor images of your newborn like the ones below?

newborn photography Raleigh

Raleigh newborn photography outside

Michelle Studios newborn photography Raleigh

newborn photographer in Raleigh outdoor photos

outside newborn photos Raleigh

infant photographer in Raleigh NC

top 20 newborn photographers in Raleigh Michelle Studios

Raleigh newborn photography

Raleigh newborn photography

Raleigh newborn photography

newborn baby in a garden

Michelle has a full studio set up and even better has a separate studio just for newborns.  This allows easy access for parents to all of her newborn props and keeps baby in a more sterile environment than one where there is a high traffic of children.  Michelle photographs families and children in her larger studio.

newborn photographer in Raleigh NC

Newborn photographer in Raleigh NC

newborns, newborn with angel wings

Photograph of a Raleigh baby

Baby Eliana then and now

The infants that came to have their newborn portraits taken in my Raleigh studio this summer are finally sitting up.  This is always the time that I suggest people bring them back for a second photo shoot.  As I mentioned in a prior blog post, which you can see HERE, there are so many good reasons to have a photo shoot at this time and not wait until they are a year old.   Eliana came in yesterday and she is so cute I just can’t stand it.  Like most babies this age she is super chubby because she isn’t old enough to work of the chub yet.   This makes the most adorable pictures for mom and dad. Check out those cheeks people.  Also like most babies that are in this age range Eliana was super friendly and easy to photograph.  Eliana’s parents scheduled a mini session and this was the perfect amount of time for Eliana.  She was so easy and sweet that we were able to get a lot of variety in that amount of time. My mini session is very affordable and a great way for parents to get milestone images of their children.

 As a Raleigh baby photographer I feel it’s important to be ready for my clients.  For me this means that I have several set ups out and available for my clients to look at when they arrive. It also means that I have consulted with my clients so that know what to expect from the session. As an artist I also have a vision for that baby.  My vision for Eliana was a cherub portrait and she was such a cute little angel.  I also had several flower bonnets set out for mom and dad to see.  The purple was my favorite on Eliana but we put several on her because her sweet little chubby cheeks just looked so cute in every single hat.  Her mom brought a couple of outfits that were also super cute. Stay tuned to my Facebook page to see some of those posted later this week.

baby at Michelle Studios

Photograph of a Raleigh baby

Raleigh baby in studio

So that was Eliana now and here are a couple from then. These photographs are from her newborn session this summer.  Eliana, then and now… infant photographer in Raleigh NC


And these are her wonderful parents. I was so happy to meet them and am looking forward to many years of photographing their daughter.  We are already talking about her unicorn photo shoot when she is older.

Raleigh newborn photography

Cary newborn photographer

Raleigh newborn photographer: Fairy gardens

If you or someone you know is expecting a baby, I would love for you to check out my website.  I have specialized in newborn photography in the triangle area for about 14 years. In the past three and a half years I have been working on the gardens at my Raleigh portrait studio.    The images of newborns outdoors are my favorite, although I do have a newborn studio in the house and a fully equipped studio for families and children.

newborn photographer in Raleigh

I like to call the gardens the fairy gardens because the images are just magical.

Cary newborn photographer

raleigh fairy garden photography

And the beautiful gardens are not just for photographing girl babies.  Boy babies look so gorgeous there too.

Raleigh baby photographer

newborn baby photography in Raleigh, Cary, Holly Springs, Garner

newborn photographer in Raleigh NC

If these types of images are what you have been dreaming about for your newborn give me a call at 919-637-7985 or send me a message through my contact page..

I also have older children play a game while waiting for their siblings to be photographed.  They have to find evidence of fairies in the yard.  Sometimes it takes a while but it’s an adventure, and horses to pet on the fence line and swing in the old oak tree just add to the fun.

Raleigh newborn photographer

Raleigh newborn photography


Grandparents are welcome to come and watch, the newborn photography sessions are so much fun.  They are long and hot, but fun.  I have all kinds of helpful information here to prepare you for your baby’s newborn photo shoot.Young siblings should not come to watch 🙂 , they simply do not have the patience and will prolong the session. I DO photograph siblings with newborns if that is your wish. You can read all about it on my page.

                                  Best Raleigh newborn photographer

Congratulations if they are in order and thank you to anyone who shares with a friend.

                                                                    Sincerely,   Michelle Prince







senior photos raleigh photographer senior photographer

Raleigh Senior Photographer

Raleigh Senior Photographer

I have been a high school senior photographer in the triangle area for over a decade. I love kids of all ages and teenagers are so much fun to photograph.. Fortunately I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful teenagers that are so excited about their senior portraits. I customize each session especially for that senior.  We will consult before your session.  During the consultation you can tell me about yourself. I want to know what you like to do.  I want to know what you like to wear. I want to know how you see yourself.  And lastly I want to know what you have been thinking about for senior photos.We pick the studio or a place that represents you to take your photographs.   This is the time of year to get yours taken if you missed them for 2016 or if you are just planning for 2017 graduation.  Spring is a fantastic time of year to have those senior portraits taken because the weather is just right. Spring weather gives  you the opportunity to pick from a wide range of your favorite outfits.    My studio is located in Raleigh and I generally recommend having a few studio shots taken first.  Then we go  outdoors to one of the nice locations in the triangle area.  I have several barns where I love to photograph seniors as well as some nice parks if you prefer a more natural setting.  If you like the urban look we can go to downtown Raleigh, downtown Fuquay Varina, Cary or even to the Tobacco district in Durham.  The triangle area provides lots of places to shoot to ensure that your senior images are unique.

senior photos raleigh photographer senior photographer 4 9 12 (2)

I am getting ready to head down to Topsail Beach.  This would be a great place to have your senior photographs taken.  As a Senior photographer in the triangle area I really want your images to be special.  Here is an senior image taken at Atlantic beach a couple of years ago. I just love it.

Raleigh Senior photographer senior photos

check out my Facebook page for other samples of my senior work.  click here

Give me a call at 919-637-7985 or contact me through this website’s contact page if you are interested in having your senior photos taken at the beach this year. I will be there from April 16 through April 25, 2016.  I will not be charging my normal travel fee for out of town sessions because I will already be there. My senior beach sessions are all digital and very affordable. 

I had so much fun photographing my own daughter’s senior photos at the beach.  There is a huge canvas hanging on the wall so that we will always remember that special time in her life.

senior photos Raleigh Beach Topsail


Easter photos of two sweet kids

One of my favorite things about spring is setting up Easter photos. I love photographing children and animals.


Easter photos boy and bunny on a swing


Mother's day photos Bettie in my garden Easter photos a girl in a garden Easter photos bunny on a log Easter photos girl with rabbit Easter photos boy and girl with rabbit

Bettie and Maddox came into my Raleigh portrait studio for Easter photos.  As always we get some updated images that are not holiday oriented as well.  Bettie is such a pretty and sweet child but she is so funny about being outside.  She reminds me of my own daughter, who also does not like bugs so sometimes won’t go outside.  I wish that I had video as well as images of her as she gingerly walked over to my garden to sit with the bunny, while all along checking out the ground to see if she saw any type of bug.  Thank goodness for the flagstone in my outdoor studio garden that allowed her to sit comfortably BUT NOT ON THE GRASS. 🙂 I am thinking that our next photo session should be an urban one.  We could go to down town Fuquay, Cary or Raleigh and then it will be sidewalks all the way. 🙂

In the last image Bettie is showing her brother Maddox that bunnies really are sweet and it’s ok to gently touch them.  This is huge progress from last year’s Easter session and we expect that next year Maddox will be holding a bunny as well.  More images of these two (oops 3) cuties on my Facebook page here.

Mary dressed Maddox as a southern gentleman. I think the first image is so cute.  He was still a little worried about being near the bunny but having her in a basket seemed to make all the difference.  I just love Maddox’s sweet face. I have always said he reminds me of a rock star with his longish blond hair.  He is so cute and the older he gets the easier he is to photograph.

 Bettie, his sister, just loves to be photographed. She participates actively in setting up the set, so cute.  I think it’s a game for her which makes taking her pictures very easy.

Raleigh Children’s Photographer – a fantastic mom (princess for sure)

Raleigh Children’s Photographer

A couple of years ago Mary brought her two adorable children into my Raleigh studio for portraits.  I have had so much fun getting to know this family, parents and kid alike as I have photographed them several times.   I often comment that mom and dad need to meet some of my friends just to make them laugh.  They are very relaxed parents, spending lots of quality time with those kiddos and both mom and dad seem to really understand the mind of the young child.  I have mom on my personal Facebook page and because I do I know she takes the job of parenting very seriously.  She rocks.  I really want to go and play at their house.  I believe they currently have a ice skating ring set up in their home.  WOW.  I teased Bettie that in some of the pictures I wanted mom to be the princess.  Of course Mary (mom) stepped right up to the plate.  She is lovely and just an amazing lady…

5G0X6502 16x24 fav 5G0X6522 16x20 fav bw 5G0X6532 16x24 fav b w 5G0X6551 16x24 fav

We often do them sessions because they have a bonus room that is Disney style and they love to customize the room with portraits of their children…. here is a photograph from one of our Disney themed photo shoots.  We asked that Bettie try to look a bit scared or surprised by the character (mom) in the background. Bettie did such a great job with this shoot.  Their costumes were amazing, especially Maleficent.  See… what a fun mom Mary is…..

I love to photograph children and especially when they are having fun…

345 mix with reg and dragonizer 16x24

And Mary (Maleficent)  dressed to impress and have fun with her children.  I took these images in 2014.

418 Draganizer combo 16x24 fav

424 16x24 fav



2016 Seniors….If you have not had your senior photos done this is the time….

5G0X7346 about 5x7 for blog full res test pics

5G0X7535 16x24 fav

Olivia is a gorgeous senior and we had so much fun.  

The first time I photographed her I think she was 7 or 8 years old and she was gorgeous then too.  She was my business card photo for many years.  I was honored to take her senior images.  These portraits were taken in Fuquay Varina, such a nice place to get the downtown look as well as the rustic look that we wanted.  It’s getting warm enough to shoot outside now and I always like to take some shots outside when I am doing a senior album.  Call now to book your spot as I only do them in the late afternoon so spots are limited.   919-637-7985.