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About the studio: Raleigh newborn photographer

Four years ago I moved my photography studio of 11 years from Holly Springs NC to Raleigh.  I loved my Holly Springs studio set up but had no real space to create the outside gardens that I really wanted to have for my newborn work.  My set up now is so nice.  I hired a contractor to convert a two car stand alone garage into a studio.  With his help and the help of friends and family we chemically cleaned the floor, ran additional electricity, insulated, built a faux wall and sheet rocked.  We painted and painted, the least favorite job in the process and placed all the mounting required to hold the back drops and equipment.  We added a nice walkway and I hung my portraits.  From the outside it looks like the garage that matches the house but from the inside it’s just what I needed.

The real fun began with the newborn studio.  I have a four bedroom house so I set up one room as a separate studio for newborns.  It has a huge closet to store blankets, back drops and props and plenty of wall space for portraits.  It’s so nice and cozy and a much more sterile environment for newborns as this special studio for infants does not have the high traffic of children that my bigger studio has.  The best part about my newborn studio are the gardens. I call them the Raleigh Fairy Gardens.  As I landscaped the areas I had my camera in my hand, always checking through the lens to see what the images will look like as I move flowers, bricks, logs, greenery and flag stone into specific spaces. An artist must first have a vision to be able to create art and I had the vision.  The very first thing I saw when I toured the property was the gorgeous grapevine.  It’s huge.  I have since google mapped the area and it appears to be over 50 years old.  One side tipped years ago and forms a triangle kind of entrance into which I can place babies in baskets or bread bowls to get images such as this.  Of course I added plenty of flowers to the area under the vine.

Newborn photography

Raleigh baby photography

The size of the trunk is what tells me the vine is so old.  I just love to use it as a back drop for a portrait.


The next step was putting in an area with nice flag stone, plenty of interesting ground cover and flowers, flowers, flowers.  Not only did I use my camera as my guide but I made sure to place this in an area that gets shade early in the morning, because I believe that is the best time to photograph newborns and toddlers. I planted plenty of perennial plants and flowers so all through the spring, summer and fall new flowers are popping up. It’s such a nice place to photograph a newborn but large enough for toddlers and young children as well.  This was the beginning of the Raleigh Fairy Gardens.

newborn baby in bunny ears for investment page

newborn photographer in Raleigh



Over on the side of the property I have my ivy garden and tropical garden area.  So many people have asked me where in the world I take these images.  You will have to book to see, it’s not what you would expect.

Raleigh newborn photography

New at the end of 2017 and really coming to life in 2018 is my woodland fairy garden. It’s a fantastic place to photograph little boys.  The set up is more wooded, logs, ivy and ferns. I just love it and it adds such a nice atmosphere to images.   My first portrait in that area was actually published in a photography magazine.  Isn’t he just a doll?

Raleigh newborn photographer

I hope to meet lots of sweet new babies this year of 2018.  Til the next post…. Michelle Studios

Raleigh baby photography

Baby Jaxson: Raleigh newborn photographer

Baby Jaxson came in for his newborn portraits. He was five days old and totally adorable. As a newborn photographer I just love it when the babies come in so young. This was a mini session and because he was so young he slept really well. This allowed us to get many cute images in a short period of time. Mom decided to use my beautiful gardens rather than my newborn studio to photograph her new son Jaxson. I was so excited that she made this choice because I just love to photograph the newborns outside. Of course mom’s feed the babies and we change outfits and set ups in the warmed up newborn studio. His mom, dad and grandpa Don all came in to watch his photo shoot. We all had so much fun looking at him in the cute poses and props. It was fun to get to know so many members of Jaxson’s family and I can tell he is going to be one loved little guy.

I think my favorite shot is the featured image in the circular swing. It is my very favorite newborn prop. It looks just gorgeous hanging in my grapevine. It also looks nice with little boys or little girls. As with every other baby Jaxson did so well outside. Again, as with most of the babies that I photograph outside, he smiled several times. I think they love to hear the soft sounds of nature and the nickers of the horses in the pastures all around my yard. Mom on the other hand was not having fun with any bugs that are in gardens. We all got a few laughs as she spooked a few times.

I have to make sure to look for special props for boys because they are more difficult to find. I just love the images of Jaxson in the Coke wagon. He fit into it just right and looked so cute.

I also just love a little bonnet type hat on a newborn boy. It’s the only time they will wear one I am sure. Their little cheeks look so cute and full in a hat like the one Jaxson has on insome of the shots. Doesn’t he look adorable?

Having specialized in newborn photography for over a decade I am extremely comfortable handling them and posing them. It really is fun for family members to get to watch. Jaxson’s family like many others are so surprised when they see how well a very young baby will do when the session is set up properly and the photographer is experienced with babies. I also know a few tricks and was able to get Mr. Jaxson to take a pacifier. I gave them one as a gift to take home. smile.

Here are some of the sweet portraits from Jaxson’s session. I hope you all enjoy them.

Newborn photography in Raleiigh NC

Oh I could just stare at his cute face in this portrait.  How sweet he slept in the grapevine.

Newborn photography Raleigh NC

Raleigh baby photographer

Newborn photographer in Raleigh outdoor studio

newborn photographer Michelle Studios in Raleigh

His little baby lips match the red wagon. This is so sweet and you can really tell he is on the farm.

newborn photographer in Raleigh NC


I just love this image of baby Jaxson. It looks so artistic.  I want my customers to have artistic portraits to hang on the wall. This would be beautiful printed on a large canvas.  Raleigh baby photography

artistic newborn portraits in Raleigh NC

Doesn’t this shot make you want to hug this sweet baby boy?

newborn photography outside

Jaxson I was happy to meet you. I was excited to meet your mommy, daddy and grandpa too.  You are a doll.

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