Simone: Raleigh children’s photographer

We took Simone to Duke Gardens for her three year old portraits. Her mom loves outdoor photography and we had done her last few sessions at my studio.  She always has the cutest outfits to wear that her mom buys on Etsy.  Several of them have been re-homed to my studio. Haha.  We had lots of fun looking for nice places to shoot and there are so many of them at Duke Garden’s.  We went super early in the morning so that most of those areas would still be in the shade.  When they got in their car to leave Simone said, “that was fun, can we do it again?”  I am sure that made mom smile because she loves portraits of her pretty girls.

I just love photographing children, my business has always centered around newborns and children, all the way up to seniors in high school.  It’s so much fun to watch them grow. Simone was a newborn when we started our journey. Now she is old enough to know me and it makes for a nice experience for the child as well. I, of course, love watching them grow from session to session.

Children's photography at Duke Gardens

Raleigh children's photography

Children's photography Raleigh NC

Children's photographer Raleigh NC