Baby Alice

Baby Alice came in for her newborn portrait session when she was six days young. This was the perfect time to photograph a new baby.  She was sleepy and relaxed, making it very easy to get the cute poses that parents just love. She has a super cute and sweet big brother named Michael. Michael spent time with his grandmother while Ebonee (mom) and I spent the time with baby Alice.  At the end of the session we had Michael come in to give his new baby a special hug.  Can’t you tell Michael is going to be a great big brother?

three year old boy in Raleigh with his newborn sister

My favorite thing about warm weather is being able to photograph my newborn clients out in my gardens. I have spent the last three years creating the perfect places to take portraits of newborn babies and toddlers.  The newborns love to be outside, they sleep so nicely in these special areas. My studio is located on a farm so the only sounds are those of Mother Nature and the beautiful horses in my back yard.  Here are some samples of the images we got of Baby Alice in the gardens.  Isn’t she a beautiful baby girl?

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I do not use a lot of props in my images but this one is my favorite.  It is a swing designed specifically for newborns. It was made so that it tips back to keep the baby safely in the swing.  I hang it from the grapevine just an in or two off the ground and mom or dad is only about six inches from the baby. Safety first.  I think the images in this swing are so sweet.

5G0X8893 16x24 both 5G0X8924 16x24 fav blog

This is another of my favorite areas to photograph a sweet newborn baby.  The ivy and periwinkle make the perfect wrap around and the light is just beautiful there.

5G0X8960 16x24 5G0X8984 16x24 fav

We moved on to studio work and she slept and slept there too.  What a sweetie.

5G0X9007 16x24 fav blog 5G0X9110 16x24 fav 5G0X9148 16x24 fav blog raleigh newborn baby on pink blanket

And at this last image is one of my favorite from the session. She is so tiny she fit into a little drawer and she looks gorgeous in this headband.

Raleigh newborn baby in a drawer