newborn boy in Raleigh studio

Raleigh newborn photographer – Jacob

Jacob and his family came into my Raleigh studio a couple of days ago to have his first photo shoot.  His mom was super excited about having his picture taken.  He was so cute and a very big boy. I think his mom said he weighed over nine pounds at birth.  He has darling round cheeks and you can tell he is going to be very tall like his mom and dad. He also had the funniest cry.  Mom said it’s sounds like a baby pterodactyl and I agreed. His big brother Jackson did NOT agree. He went on to inform us that the pterodactyl actually never did exist, just like the brontosaurus.   Jackson is seven and super sweet so it was very easy to get sibling shots. He held him and gave Jacob the sweetest kiss.  Mom was having a fit in the back ground. I believe she said she had tears in her eyes.  I could tell Jackson is going to be a fantastic big brother.  He was such a nice little boy, polite and sweet and did not complain about the length of the newborn part of the session.  As a treat for his cooperation I took him to the barn to play with Lightning.  As we were leaving he said “now I really do love horses.”  I bet his mom, who also loves horses will be glad to hear that.  I was so happy to meet this wonderful family and I hope to see them a lot in the future.   Jacob has a super cute smile.  baby boy at Raleigh newborn photography studio

newborn baby boy and brother at Raleigh newborn photographer's studio

newborn boy in Raleigh studio

family shot with a newborn in Raleigh portrait studio

Michelle is a licensed, insured, award winning and multiple times published Raleigh newborn photographer. Michelle has specialized in the art of newborn photography since 2004 and the newborn babies are her favorite subjects. Michelle’s Raleigh portrait studio is on a beautiful horse farm. The property is landscaped especially for her newborn, baby and children’s portrait work.  She also has a special and separate studio just for newborns.  Michelle also specializes in children’s portrait work. She has been featured in the News And Observer for her portraits with children and unicorns.  Michelle loves the opportunity to also capture high school senior photos. Michelle feels senior photos are very special and likes the adventure that comes along with each new senior.  You can best contact Michelle through the contact page of this site, HERE.