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Family Photography in Raleigh NC : The Edwards

Family photography in Raleigh NC- Danyelle, Eric, Ryland and Kensleigh  scheduled an appointment to update their family photos. We had a great time.  Mom and dad are easy and relaxed and the kids are both adorable.  Danyelle said she likes the more un-posed images, images of she and her husband interacting with their kids. That is exactly what I like too.   I think the first two images here would look great on the wall next to each other.Family photography in Raleigh NC

family photographer in raleigh ncI enjoy family photography for several reasons. Number one is that I get to see the kids grow and change from one session to the next.  I can’t believe how much Ryland changed since our last session. He looks like a little boy now and not a baby.

Raleigh family photographer

His beautiful older sister Kensleigh has a head full of blond curls and amazing big blue eyes.  What a doll she is.

Raleigh photographer

 I also love family photography because it is heart warming to watch parents interact with their children in a playful and relaxed way.   I love colored images, especially in the spring or summer when flowers are blooming but sometimes an image with lots of emotion just needs to be a black and white.

raleigh family photographerfamily photography in Raleigh NC

I have to say that I just love mom’s smile.

Family photography in Raleigh NC

Sometimes family photography is fun because it makes me laugh.  I just love the dynamics of this image.

Family photographer in Raleigh NC

And I think this one is so sweet. There is so much love here.

Raleigh Children's photographer

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Raleigh Child photographer

I really liked the way mom picked colors that photograph well outside. The bright blues and dark pinks really give the colored images a pop.  I also love the way Kensleigh is smiling at her daddy.

family photographer in Raleigh NC

And silhouettes are a cute way to mark the end of a session and day.

Family photography, Michelle Studios Photography

These images were taken at Sugg Farm in Holly Springs NC.  If you like this location there are many more that have been taken here on my Facebook page.