Baby photography in Raleigh NC

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Photographing this baby girl makes me smile. Ava Grace, like most nine month old babies is cheerful and smiley. Also like most nine month old babies she is chunky but she won’t stay that way very long because she is ON THE MOVE.  All three of her brothers are athletes and I believe she will one day give them some competition.   I laughed many times during out session at her cute and varied facial expressions. I especially loved it when she looked mischievous.  She almost had the one eyebrow raised smile as she attempted to quickly crawl away, then belly laugh when her mom went to retrieve her.   We spent a little time in the studio as well. We were excited about photographing her in my beautiful angel wings and she looks just like a real cherub.I love Ava and my Raleigh studio. I am fully equipped with just the right props.

Baby photography in Raleigh NC

A baby this age is such a wonderful subject. They just love to be the center of attention which makes them so much fun to photograph. Ava Grace’s family has been using my studio for many years. Click here to see a blog post about her family. It’s so nice to have customers that you really get to know.

I am looking forward to now watching Ava Grace grow.  I can’t wait to see what cute outfits her mom finds for her next session. Mom and dad have three darling boys as well and mom has eyed all the petticoats and head bands for a long time. I remember at her third child’s session saying “you are just going to have to have one more baby so I can photograph a girl in one of those outfits”.  Sure enough I got the email about Ms. Ava Grace’s upcoming birth.

A baby boy is sweet as is a baby girl, I love them all but I am so happy for Jennifer that God gave her this sweet baby girl. Here are some sweet baby photos for mom to show off.


Baby photographer in Raleigh NC


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Baby photograher, Raleigh NC


Baby photographer Raleigh NC


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baby photographer Raleigh NC


Baby photography in Raleigh NC