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Michelle Studios offers two types of sessions year around. Michelle hopes that this simplifies decision making for her clients while still providing options.

1. Mini Session: The mini session is offered year around.  The total cost is $325 at the studio and $350 on location at a local park or urban area of choice. The session fee is built into that fee. The session is 45 minutes and she edits 10 portraits of which you choose 7.  Mini sessions are great for milestones, maternity shots or images for a holiday card.

If you know your child is shy and may need time to warm up or may need breaks then a full session is a better choice. Michelle may have another customer coming after a mini session but is more likely not to schedule full sessions back to back.  Michelle completely understands that some sweeties need more time and can pull out the tricks for children who may have a harder time being photographed.  She has worked with children all of her life so is not judgemental and wants to help you get the images you want of your child. Sometimes having more time just makes all the difference.

2. Full Session: Session fees are as follows: Session fee pays for the photographers time and talent. 

 Session fee : $130 at my studio Newborns are $150

 Session fee: $150 on location at a local park or area of choice.

 Session fee: $150 All newborn and high school seniors should always consider a full session… newborn sessions and high school seniors are longer sessions that generally require more shooting and editing time. If you are scheduling a newborn shoot please read the Newborn News section.  There is useful information there about your session and you will see how she likes to incorporate toddler siblings if it is your wish to do so.

$295 digital package cost.  The full session is preferred by most clients as they are 1.5 hours and come with your choice of 15 portraits.  Generally about 22-25 are edited for you to view in an online gallery.

You are welcome to buy prints instead of doing the digital package.  There is a $250 minimum order for prints.  Most customers find the digital package to be much more affordable. I am happy to send you a price sheet if you would like to order prints instead of doing the digital package.  Table top prints (5×7, 4×6) start at $35.00.

If you would like all of the portraits in your gallery you can upgrade to that option for $200.

3. Toddler add on to a newborn session: 

There is a $50 fee to add a toddler sibling onto a newborn session. Michelle is happy to try and do this at the end of your session if someone is available to bring the toddler.  click HERE for details about toddler add on.  She also is willing to book a 20 minute session with you on a separate day to get those mom, dad and sibling shots.  Many new parents have found this to be the most appealing option.  

Full sessions are great for young children because they have time to get to know Michelle, change outfits, or take a break if they need one. Michelle has time to change back drops if the session is in the studio or move around to a variety of locations at a park or urban area. Full sessions are always recommended for newborns and high school seniors.

A non refundable deposit is due the day you book your session to hold your spot.  This deposit goes towards total package cost with the mini session and is transferred as the session fee for full sessions. Dates are not guaranteed without the deposit.  

Pricing subject to change at any time but are guaranteed once booking is complete.

Michelle recommends My Pro Lab, now Corp Color  for printing. Click HERE to be redirected to their page and see all of their wonderful products.


Please note that the thematic Magical Mini sessions that are offered during some months have their own pricing page that can be found under the Magical Mini Session tab of this site.  Or you can click here to get there…

The pricing for these magical mini sessions vary depending on location and animals involved.

 These are specifically theme related and are advertised here and on the Michelle Studios Facebook page as they become available. Because of the nature of these sessions they are booked on a first come first serve basis.  Again because of the nature of these sessions a deposit is due THE DAY you book to hold your spot. If payment is not made the spot may be given to someone else. She will of course contact you to clarify.

 When using most of the animals we only book about 3 hours of sessions because the animals, particularly the horses and ponies do not want to stand still that long for photos.  They are sweet but it’s in their nature to want to graze and move around.  With the bunnies we book two sessions per day, one early in the morning and one in the late afternoon.  Michelle is an advocate for animals and although she enjoys photographing them with children she is also conscious of their needs.  Michelle does not use animals like baby ducks and chicks that can be easily but accidentally hurt by young children.