I love everything about children and have never worked one day in my life that children were not part of that day.  I also have an outgoing personality that makes it easy for me to quickly bond with children of all ages. My favorite images of children are the close up in the face shots.  The ones that you can stare out and feel as if you are looking into their eyes.Here are some pointers for getting the most out of your portrait session.

  1. Try to avoid over talking the session before you bring them in. They often will give me forced smiles because they have been told that is the expectation and they are trying to please you.  If they can tell you are worried that they will not do well it will make them uncomfortable. I am very used to children will all sorts of energy levels, it’s part of being a child.
  2. Dress them in comfortable clothing, often simple is best. Remember I am photographing your precious child and not their clothing. Bows and lace sometimes detract from the natural and simple beauty of the child.
  3. Morning is usually best for any child under the age of 4.  If we are doing a sunset session  with a toddler aged child you may want to make sure they have had a nap and have been fed dinner.
  4. Make sure to tell them that it will be fun.  Many children don’t want to leave.

Award winning children’s photographs taken in Raleigh NC.


award wining child photographer in Raleigh
Award Winning and Published
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Award winning and Published