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Babies, babies, babies.  Over the summer I photographed many gorgeous newborn babies and hope to see some of them soon.  I love to remind customers that the two very best time to photograph a baby in the first year of life is newborn and somewhere between seven and nine months.  Why is this the best time? Well it is a great time to photograph a baby for many reasons.  One of those reasons is that it is great to get them into the studio before they are up and walking. New walkers love to walk so they are very active and generally do not want to stay on the back grounds very long.  You can still get nice portraits at that age but you will get MUCH more variety if you can get them in before they are walking.  A second reason is that babies that age love to get attention.  Because they can’t go anywhere on their own they are used to commanding the attention right there where they are and that is great for photos.  They are also usually more chubby at this time in their development because they can’t get up and run it off yet.  This is the one time in their life that the chub is so adorable.  Babies this age seem to have less stranger danger than they do starting at a year.  This is also great for photographs.  I absolutely love this age.  I have so many cute hats and props for the age as well. Again I am not prop oriented in my work, liking the child to be the focus of the shot but having a baby size baseball bat or a super cute headband or petticoat is nice.  Here are some examples of that age.  You don’t want to miss out on this fantastic time to capture images of your sweetie.  And the gorgeous angel wings are for boys as well as girls.


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