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Baby Layla: Raleigh newborn photographer

Layla came in to my Raleigh portrait studio for her newborn photographs yesterday. She was such a little doll.  She slept “like a baby” out in the gardens and slept very well in the studio too. This sleeping allowed me to get so many cute portraits.. The images below are some of the beautiful shots I got of her in my gorgeous outdoor studio, which I call my fairy gardens. I almost can’t pick a favorite and had a hard time narrowing down which images to edit.  I will put up a separate blog post with her equally cute studio shots.

 The most amazing thing about our session was that Layla is already a month old.  This is quite a bit older than my typical newborn. Most babies come in the first week.  Babies grow very quickly in the first few months and really start to wake up around week two. For the cute curled up positions that are typical of a newborn session the babies need to be sleeping so I gave Jennifer, Layla’s  mommy,  several  suggestions to help her prepare baby Layla for our photo shoot. Her sweet mom helped her out. Yay for grandma’s when you are a new mother.

Tips for a successful newborn session.

~Try to keep Layla awake for at least two hours prior to coming to the studio.(have fun with that 🙂 hahaha. Bathing can help.

~Wait to feed her until you arrive at my Raleigh studio (Layla was not doing a mini session so we had plenty of time to feed here) .

~Where cool clothing, I am going to pump up the heat to really try to keep her sleepy, you and I are going to be hot but I promise it will be worth it.

~Bring a pacifier if you use one, if not PLEASE let me use one of mine.

 ~Bring a bottle if you supplement, it fills them up better than nursing alone.         

 Grandma helped and they said it wasn’t easy but I think that they will be very happy that they were able to keep her up because the session was just as easy as any week old baby that I have ever had. I have probably photographed over a thousand newborns so this says quite a bit.   I was so excited for all of us. I was excited for me because I have lovely new images to add to my website. I was excited for them because I know mom really wanted these photographs.  While chatting through the session Jennifer told me that during her pregnancy she has gone through my website so many times looking at all the precious baby images.  This is something I hear often from my clients and makes my day every time.  

I have to say that I am in love with my outdoor gardens.  They have been in the making for almost three years  and are more beautiful each season  because much of what I plant is perennial.  It’s a lot of work to keep it all up and weed free but worth every single gorgeous image I get.  The focus of all newborn images is of course the baby but having gorgeous back grounds really does make a difference in the quality of your images.  If you know someone that is pregnant and likes this type of set up, please send them my way.  

Enjoy Layla’s fairy garden shots. 

Her sweet little baby hand looks so cute under he chin.

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