Raleigh newborn photographer

Artist Of the Month at the Chef’s Palette in Cary NC

I was so excited when I received a call from Johanna Campbell a few weeks ago.  She is the amazing marketing representative for the Chef’s Palette in Cary NC.  She asked if I would like to show my work at the restaurant for the month of March as the featured artist. Well yes!!!! and thank you so much, what an honor!  Jojo was so wonderful working with me getting my link on their webpage. She devoted some late nights to me and sent some wonderful emails that made my day/s.   Click HERE to see my exhibit. Thank you Diane Mckinney, another friend and local photographer,  for grabbing a photo of me in action. Thank you also to T. Wayne Grimes for grabbing a shot of my display. As a local photographer in Raleigh and Cary area I am honored by the offer. I specialize in art of newborn photography and high school senior sessions.  

Raleigh newborn photographer


A very special thank you to Patricia Anne who referred me as an artist that they may be interested in hosting.  Patricia is a wonderful artist and friend.  Like me Patricia is a horse girl…. that’s what we call people who have devoted a great percentage of their lives to the beast called “horse.”  I met her through a mutual friend in the horse world, the place where I have fortunately met most of the my friends.   I believe that her artwork must be  inspired by her love of this animal and is absolutely amazing. I could just stare at each and every piece for hours.  I can imagine a bedroom for a young girl completely decorated with her magical images.  If you love horses too you may be interested in purchasing one of her her masterpieces.  Below are some samples but you may also click  HERE to view her Facebook page.  She also was honored by sharing her work with the community at the Chef’s Palette.  Thank you so much Patricia Ann.

horse designs by Prancing Mare DesignsHer work speaks for itself but I just have to say that I am in love and I follow her page.

I was fortunate to meet the Chef Ryan and the wonderful owner of the Chef’s Palette in Cary NC when I went to hang my work on the wall.  Kathie Clark has really set up an amazing experience for her customers.  If you are looking for an award winning menu you should try the Chef’s Palette.  The walls are covered with beautiful paintings and photographs from local artists. As an artist myself I could not stop looking.  What a unique idea for a restaurant.  They also have live music and trivia night.  My brother Bill Baragona said the Chef’s Palette is one of his favorite restaurants.  As a connoisseur of fine dining that says a lot to me.  I am sure it is a result of the wonderful atmosphere in conjunction with the talent of their chef Ryan Summers. Chef Ryan Summers was a state champion in the GotToBeNC competition dining series this year.  He is also getting ready to be a daddy. congratulations Ryan.

Click HERE to see what’s going on at the Chef’s Palette, see the menu, photo gallery and book a reservation.