Michelle has been a children’s photographer for over a decade in the Raleigh, Cary and Holly Springs area.  She specializes in the art of newborn photography. She is a multiple award winning and published photographer. (Inspire Fine Art Photography Magazine)  She also has been honored by featuring work in local area fine dining establishments. (Niche Wine Lounge and the Chef’s Palette)  Her experience and expertise in the field of fine art photography are one reason to hire Michelle to take the images of your children that will capture your heart for a lifetime.

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Her studio was in Holly springs for years. Two and a half years ago she relocated her business to Raleigh NC.  Michelle Studios Photography is now located on a gorgeous farm which makes being able to get outdoor portraits an option even if you schedule a studio session.

Customers love her newborn and  toddler gardens set up right outside the studio door. She also has a special area just for newborn photography.  This studio is in her home and separate from her larger studio where she photographs children and families.  This helps protect your baby from germs that may be present in areas with a high traffic of young children.





Raleigh Newborn Photography

Newborns are Michelle’s favorite subjects. She has spent years learning to light and pose them so that the finished product you receive is beautiful and artistic. Although she has photographed hundreds and hundreds of newborns she is super excited about each new little person that comes into her studio.

Michelle feels that the next best time to have your baby photographed is when he or she can sit up well but not stand and walk. For some babies this is seven months and for others it is nine.   At this age they are so cute and friendly and generally respond very well to people they don’t know.  They photograph well because they love the be the center of attention. She is able to get so many gorgeous photographs of babies at this age.  Their cute rolls add to the finished product.


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Raleigh Baby Photography


The eyes are the windows to the soul.

Michelle has worked with children for over 30 years and truly loves them.  She also has an outgoing personality that they like.  Most children quickly feel comfortable with her and are relaxed during their photography session.  Michelle spends the time to get a wide variety of facial expressions, especially smiles for mom and dad.  Her favorite images however usually end up being ones where the child is a bit more serious. It is her opinion that these more natural expressions showcase a child’s eyes, which are, as the saying reads “the windows to the soul”.


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Raleigh Children’s Photography

 Michelle totally loves photographing high school seniors.  Because all of her sessions are customized she will want to also talk to the graduate while planning the photo shoot.  She wants them to have an experience tailored specifically for them.  Her senior sessions are upbeat and exciting, after all senior photos are a “right of passage.”  Click here to go right to the page and see some examples.

ALL of Michelle’s photography sessions are customized for each individual client or family.  In the fourteen or so years Michelle has  been in the photography business she has come up with quite a collection of back grounds and furniture in a variety of styles. She will talk to you about whether you wish a contemporary look for your images or something more classic.  She also loves to photograph her clients outside, even the newborns.  It may be an option at your session to get some studio and some outdoors if the weather and time of day permits.

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Raleigh newborn photography

Raleigh Newborn Photography- fairy gardens

The favorite time of the year for Michelle’s  Raleigh newborn photography studio is right around the corner.  The grooming and planting are underway in the fairy gardens.  What are the fairy gardens you might ask?  They are specially landscaped areas for newborns, toddlers and young children’s portrait work.  Michelle’s studio is located on a beautiful horse farm in Raleigh NC with easy access from most areas in the triangle.  The fences are lined with beautiful pastures and horses on every side.  The gardens feature beautiful flagstone and brick, hosta, ivy, moss and flowers of every variety.  Different types of flowers bloom from early spring all the way through until the winter.  It’s a beautiful place that Michelle designed with her newborn photography in mind.  Her outdoor newborn work is unique in the area and customers travel from out of state to bring their newborns in for a one of a kind photographic experience.  As you can imagine the spring and summer months get very busy so getting on her schedule while you are still pregnant is a great idea.

Give her a call. All photo shoots are customized for the client. Michelle will consult with you about your expectations for your infant’s photo shoot.  She will talk to you about how you and she will pick the perfect time to photograph your new baby.  She will discuss with you the color scheme of the rooms in which you would like to hang portraits of your new baby so that she can have coordinating colors picked out for you in blankets and props.  Michelle has a fully loaded newborn studio so there is no need to shop for any props for your little one.

Michelle has 15 years of experience working professionally and specializing in newborn photography.  She is multiple times published, award winning and listed in Raleigh’s shopping guide, EXPERTISE  as one of the top 21 best newborn photographers in the triangle area.  Michelle is licensed and her studio is insured with Allstate in Cary NC.  She is experienced in handling and posing newborns for a safe experience for your new baby.  Although newborn shoots are time consuming Michelle wants you to know that the sessions are also a lot of fun and something that you should be looking forward to in celebration of the birth of your child.  You can check out this LINK to the Newborn News section of her website to get a good idea of what you should do to prepare your baby for the session and read a bit about what the session will be like. Would you not love to have outdoor images of your newborn like the ones below?

newborn photography Raleigh

Raleigh newborn photography outside

Michelle Studios newborn photography Raleigh

newborn photographer in Raleigh outdoor photos

outside newborn photos Raleigh

infant photographer in Raleigh NC

top 20 newborn photographers in Raleigh Michelle Studios

Raleigh newborn photography

Raleigh newborn photography

Raleigh newborn photography

newborn baby in a garden

Michelle has a full studio set up and even better has a separate studio just for newborns.  This allows easy access for parents to all of her newborn props and keeps baby in a more sterile environment than one where there is a high traffic of children.  Michelle photographs families and children in her larger studio.

newborn photographer in Raleigh NC

Newborn photographer in Raleigh NC

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